8760 Hours, Doing Grown-Up Tasks, in Millennial Slang

8760 Hours, Doing Grown-Up Tasks, in Millennial Slang
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8760 Hours: How Humans Spend their Most Valuable Resource

Srinivas Rao | Better Humans

'Unlike money, you can’t save time in an interest-bearing account where the amount you have increases because of compound interest'

Because it’s a non-renewable resource, none of us can save time. We can only decide how to spend our most valuable resource and who to spend it with. (18 minute read)

Doing Grown-Up Tasks, in Millennial Slang

Caleb Madison | The Atlantic

'So what action unfurls naturally from the noun adult? Adulting means more than just 'reaching biological maturity' or 'becoming fully grown'

Adult became adulting as a generation entered a period feeling somewhat unprepared, wanting to express that maturity means not only reaching a certain point in your life, but also attending to the concomitant tasks. (3 minute read)

When Being Indispensable Backfires

Mita Mallick | Harvard Business Review

'If you repeatedly respond to texts at 6:30 a.m., your manager expects that you will be available then, because you didn’t set your boundaries'

Here are four ways to stop being indispensable to ensure that your career progress doesn’t stall. (6 minute read)

6 Personal Factors That Impact Productivity

Mike Vardy | Productivityist

'Though plenty of people say that you should try to keep your professional and personal lives separate, that’s not always possible. What we do outside of the office can impact what happens inside of it'

Here are 6 key things that impact productivity… and some tips on how to overcome them. (5 minute read)

Why You Should Think of Relaxing As a Skill, Not a Reward

Elizabeth Yuko | Lifehacker

'It’s easy to make the leap to assuming that any time spent not working counts as “relaxing,” and that relaxing is lazy or indulgent. (It’s not.)'

And like other skills, it’s one that needs to be learned and practiced on a regular basis. Here’s what to know about reframing the way you think about relaxation. (3 minute read)

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