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Today's recommendations...

Adulting Then And Now: How Growing Up Has Changed

Jerry | MEL Magazine

'Older millennials (those born between 1981 and 1988) believe they will still be working in some capacity during their retirement years'

Have recent historic moments significantly shifted the timeline of certain milestones for our younger generations? (5 minute read)

Social Pressure

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog

'More often than not, it’s simply something we invent. The people we imagine are busy watching and judging us might not even know we exist'

It’s normal to feel it. It changes our careers, our dress and even the way we live our lives. (1 minute read)

How To Make More Time To Read

Hannah Rose | Ness Labs

'Just six minutes of reading silently could reduce your stress levels by more than two thirds'

So what are strategies that actually work to make more time to read? (7 minute read)

3 Principles for a Better Life

Mark Manson |

'Self-acceptance doesn’t work without self-improvement. Self-improvement doesn’t work without self-acceptance'

When good, principles can be far more effective than any sort of “do this, do that” imperative. (7 minute read)

What Will Have The Most Significant Impact On The Number of Credit Card Users In The Next Three Years?

Kevin McAllister | Potocol

'As the use of cash continues to wane, the rate at which credit cards can evolve to keep pace with consumer demands for more convenient payment experiences'

Big picture, credit card use will grow strongly over the next three years based on convenience and value to customers. (5 minute read)

📺 Video: Scrutiny of the carbon offset market is growing | FT Moral Money | 4 Min

🎙Podcast: David Harewood: The Chilling Story Of How A Hollywood Star Lost His Mind | Ted Radio Hour | 49 Min

David’s road to the top had to overcome his psychosis, which at one point drove him to the point of insanity and left him sectioned into a psychiatric hospital. With his life as he knew it on the brink, David rebuilt his life and career to reach the very top of the entertainment business.

Listen on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

🤔 Wisdom: 'The only way to be truly confident in yourself is to become comfortable with what you lack' - Mark Manson

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