Constraints Are A Gift

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Constraints Are A Gift

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog

'Constraints are a gift because they bring us something to lean against, and they give us the chance to focus on work we can actually do'

If only the barriers were lifted and there was more time or fewer obstacles… That’s a trap. (2 minute read)

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Why Does It Hurt So Much When We Get Ghosted?

Michelle Drouin | TED

'Today’s world of computer-mediated interactions is much less forgiving. Social interactions are often recorded permanently in messages and pictures that one can go back to view and review'

As humans, we spend a good amount of time thinking about what other people think. (8 minute read)

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'What We Owe the Future' by William MacAskill: How to make decisions for the long-term


'The bottom line is that What We Owe the Future outlines an ethical approach with broad implications for how we approach decision-making in our lives and our work'

The foundational questions it tackles are relatively academic in places, but MacAskill’s work is clear and thought provoking. (6 minute read)

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Minimalist Thoughts

Dan Millman | Becoming Minimalist

'Simple is powerful because we benefit only from what we can sustain. A little bit every day reflects the core strength of a minimalist approach'

Dream big, but start small—then connect the dots. (3 minute read)

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72-Hour Rule: How to Stop Impulse Buying?

Rishikesh Sreehari | Redefining Probabilities

'Let’s not blame marketers, it is their job to promote products and force us to buy'

A discussion on external triggers that forces us to purchase things that we do not require and tips on how to stop impulse buying. (4 minute read)

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📺 Video: Inside Izyum, One of Ukraine’s Biggest Recently Recaptured Cities | WSJ | 3 Min

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🎙Podcast: Mark Cuban Doesn’t Believe In Following Your Passions | WorkLife with Adam Grant | 46 Min

Mark Cuban has gone from selling garbage bags door-to-door to selling internet companies for billions, acquiring an NBA team, and becoming a beloved “Shark” on Shark Tank.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'Consistency is more important than intensity. Patience is more important than luck' - Shane Parrish


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