A Radical Change We Don't Regret

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Today's recommendations...

Cumulative vs. Cyclical Knowledge

Morgan Housel | Collab Fund

'It would seem that the anxieties of getting money only beget the more torturing anxiety of how to keep it'

We’ve always been asking the same questions, dealing with the same problems, and falling for the same false solutions. (5 minute read)

A Radical Change We Don't Regret

Pande Bakti | Corporate Rebels

'The result? Each employee now has an additional 19 hours of productive time each week. That’s a massive difference, right?'

Putting employees first, customers second, and shareholders last definitely sounds odd to many when they first see it. (9 minute read)

Hyping the Energy Transition

Robert Bryce | Quillette

'The world needs a rapid exit from all fossil fuels … part of that picture is the energy transition. We need a new, just energy system that is 100% renewable'

Consumption of fossil fuels is growing faster than ever. (7 minute read)

Democratised And Declassified: The Era Of Social Media War Is Here

David V. Gioe & Ken Stolworthy | Engelsberg Ideas

'In a digitally connected context, everyone can be a sensor or intelligence collector, wittingly or unwittingly'

The implications of democratised intelligence analysis, as seen in Ukraine, will shape future conflicts. (8 minute read)

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem in 5 Minutes or Less

Nick Wignall | nickwignall.com

'Self-esteem isn’t a feeling—it’s a belief. While feelings are quick to come and quick to go, beliefs are built up over time'

You can change even your most fundamental beliefs about yourself—including your self-esteem—with the right approach… (5 minute read)

📺 Video: The REAL Reason Europe Took Over the World | Johnny Harris | 17 Min

🎙Podcast: Stoicism's Lessons For A Disciplined Life | Modern Wisdom | 1 Hr 43 Min

Expect to learn why sanity is your most precious resource, why discipline without an end goal is pointless, how to stay disciplined when success arrives, how to enforce discipline without lambasting yourself for falling short, and much more...

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🤔 Wisdom: 'Be quiet, work hard, and stay healthy. It’s not ambition or skill that is going to set you apart but sanity' - Ryan Holiday