Just Stop Buying Lattes

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‘Just Stop Buying Lattes’: The Origins of a Millennial Housing Myth

Mark Dent | The Hustle

'Consider the 21st century’s most ubiquitous piece of financial advice: “Can’t afford a house? Just stop buying lattes'

Financial gurus want young home shoppers to stop complaining and cut back on small luxuries. But there are broader affordability issues at play. (7 minute read)

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Keep It Going

Morgan Housel | Collaborative Fund

'The huge majority of the time was spent barely pushing themselves, almost cruising along at a leisurely pace'

For the highest levels to be attainable over time, the process has to be sustainable. (4 minute read)

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What Would Happen If We Stopped Using Plastic?

Kelly Oakes | BBC Future

'The biggest shift we'd face, then, would be re-evaluating our throwaway culture. We'd need to change not just how we consume items – from clothes and food to washing machines and phones – but how we produce them too'

Plastic has seeped into every aspect of our existence. Can we live without it? (12 minute read)

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Being Balanced in Chaos

Leo Babauta | Zen Habits

'Be with everything in your experience, with an attitude of relaxed appreciation'

What would it be like for you, to be more balanced when things get uncertain, chaotic, messy? (3 minute read)

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Influencer Creep

Sophie Bishop | Real Life

'When the influencer creep is complete, every moment will have to speak to loving one’s job, as if no other sort of experience or emotion were possible'

Self-documenting and self-branding are becoming basic to all forms of work. (11 minute read)

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📺 Video: Can We Avoid Climate-Related Food Shocks? | Financial Times | 3 Min

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🎙Podcast: How To Deal With Being Anxiously Attached | Modern Wisdom | 1Hr 30Min

Expect to learn what the science is behind attachment styles, why anxious attachment develops, how to communicate with an anxiously attached partner more effectively, and much more...

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🤔 Something to think about: 'If a person has no major problems in their life, their mind will quickly set out to imagine some' - Mark Manson

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