Little Rules About Big Things

Little Rules About Big Things
Photo by Matt Collamer / Unsplash

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Little Rules About Big Things

Morgan Housel | Collab Fund

'It’s hard to tell the difference between boldness and recklessness, greed and ambition, contrarian and wrong'

A few things Morgan Housel has come to terms with... (9 minute read)

If Cities Don’t Want Homeless Encampments They Should Help People, Not Punish Them

Penny Gurstein | The Conversation

'Homelessness results from a severe shortage of affordable housing, poverty and insufficient support services. For people who end up homeless, it is a tortuous and difficult route'

It should not be surprising that people who are unsheltered seek out the relative security, community and resources encampments can provide. (4 minute read)

Why It’s Not Anti-Environmental To Be In Favor Of Economic Growth

Eoin McLaughlin | Big Think

'The key is to put the right price on different types of assets, including taking into account damage from pollution'

Economic growth is more about quality than quantity. (5 minute read)

Perfection Is Unattainable: Aim for 80 Percent

Alex Dimitriu | Psychology Today

'Given the explosion of choices in modern times, learning to accept good enough will increase satisfaction and simplify decision-making'

So, what is the true formula for happiness? (5 minute read)

Why Are People Biased Against New Technology?

Brian Gallagher | Nautilus

'Having a status-quo bias toward things that have been around for longer just lets the filter of time sort out what’s worth keeping and what’s not'

If you overweight the value of the past and don’t allow any new innovation to come along, of course that’s going to be a problem. (3 minute read)

📺 Video: We have to be so careful about what we’re admiring | Jay Shetty | 1 Min

🎙Podcast: Should We Genetically Edit Human Life? - Matthew Cobb | Modern Wisdom | 1 Hr 26 Min

Genetic engineering has given humans the ability to modify crops to be resistant to disease and synthesise insulin without needing to kill and extract it from animals. But what are its dangers? Especially in a world where CRISPR and human gene editing is just around the corner.

Listen on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts

🤔 Wisdom: 'Too many people wait until they're exhausted or depressed to make change or seek help.

Mental health isn't something to put on the back burner. We can't keep good habits in storage until we need them.

Mental hygiene should be as ingrained in our daily routine as dental hygiene.' - Adam Grant