The Age of Anti-Ambition, Running to Audiobooks

The Age of Anti-Ambition, Running to Audiobooks
“Come on in, sorry about the mess - we’re just in the middle of not caring anymore.” Teresa Burns Parkhurst via The New Yorker

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The Age of Anti-Ambition

Noreen Malone | The New York Times Magazine

'The office is where it shouldn’t be — at home, in our intimate spaces — and all that’s left now is the job itself, naked and alone. And a lot of people don’t like what they see'

Work is mainly, really, about making money to live. And then trying to make some more. A boring, ancient story. The future of work might be more like its past than anyone admits. (15 minute read)

In Praise of Running to Audiobooks

Rebecca Worby | Outside

'My early thirties held a lot of surprises, but enjoying running remains up there in the pantheon of the unexpected'

Listening to a book offers a unique kind of immersion: the immediacy, even intimacy, of having another person’s perspective piped directly into your ears. (5 minute read)

Theory of Constraints Principles Simplified

Iyalo Durmonski | Durmonski

'The Theory of Constraints is all about clarity. You get clear on what is important for you'

Simply put, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) will help you identify the weakest links inside a system, organization, your life in general. (13 minute read)

How Trust Runs the World

Mark Manson |

'Trust is the prerequisite to building anything good and meaningful in this world'

Learn how trust, institutions, and crypto have everything to do with each other, and are incredibly relevant to the world we live in today. (11 minute read)

SpaceX and Our Space Junk Problem

Sara Morrison | Recode

'It’s getting confusing out there. Let’s get organized'

An error from SpaceX highlights the growing problem of all the junk we, as a planet, shoot into space and how we deal with it (or not, as the case may be). (6 minute read)

🎙 Podcast: Matthew Walker: The Power of Sleep. The Knowledge Project. Renowned sleep scientist Matthew Walker discusses everything you need to know about what a better night’s sleep can do for your life, and how to prioritize and perfect the way you sleep. (1hr 53min)
🤔 Something to think about: 'Patience is more important to success than brilliance' - Shane Parrish