The Psychology of Regret, Messy to Minimalist

The Psychology of Regret, Messy to Minimalist
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The Psychology of Regret: How Inaction Affects Our Sense of Self

Dr Hannah England | Ness Labs

'Whilst 24% of participants regretted the things they ought to have done, 76% regretted things that they could have done, but did not'

Psychologists Shai Davidai and Tom Gilovich have investigated the psychology of regret, illuminating a surprising and profound conclusion. (6 minute read)

Thee Simple Rules I Used to Switch From Messy to Minimalist

Andrew Folts | Better Humans

'Everywhere I looked, there was the same three feet of space. Like Phil, I had built myself a prison…of stuff.'

Buying, thinking, and doing more can bring you pleasure, but can the only path to happiness be through less? (2 minute read)

Why Does Experiencing ‘flow’ Feel So Good? A Communication Scientist Explains

Richard Huskey | The Conversation

'In short, we are completely absorbed in a highly rewarding activity – and not in our inner monologues – when we feel flow'

Researchers have been studying flow for nearly 50 years, but only recently have they begun to decipher what is going on in the brain during flow. (6 minute read)

So, You Cried at Work

Melody Wilding | Harvard Business Review

'I was in a team meeting when my boss made a derogatory comment, minimizing my professional background and training. His remark broke me'

So, what can you do to minimize the impact of crying at work and ensure it doesn’t hurt your reputation? Here’s how to bounce back with strength and professionalism. (7 minute read)

If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You’re Doing It Wrong

Mark Manson |

'Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve tried to change your behavior through sheer willpower. And chances are, you also failed miserably. Don’t feel bad! This is what happens most of the time'

Many equate self-discipline with living a good, moral life, which ends up creating a lot of shame when we fail. There's a better way to build lasting, solid self-discipline in your life. (22 minute read)

🎙Podcast: How to Reboot Yourself and Feel Unrushed in the New Year. The Tim Ferriss Show.“What benefit do I get from the conditions I say I don’t want?” — Jerry Colonna. For nearly 20 years, Jerry has used the knowledge gained as an investor, an executive, and a board member for more than 100 organizations to help entrepreneurs and others lead with humanity, resilience, and equanimity. (1 hr 27 mins)
🤔Something to think about: 'Do their work if you have to, but don't forget to eventually do yours' - Naval