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More Is More Is More
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21 gadgets I use at home every single day. Hi, my name is Nick. I spent $10,000 on Amazon buying tea kettles, coffee, pillows, weighted blankets, and more. These are my favorite kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and tech gadgets on my blog:

Nick Gray: Home Gear List (2022)

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More Is More Is More: Maximalism, Explained

Nicole Froio | Dame

'I simply wouldn’t have the confidence to fully embrace the maximalism trend — and yet in my heart, it’s a true embodiment of realism'

For maximalists, the over-the-top outfits and decor are more than a trend, it's a lifestyle of self-expression. (6 minute read)

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It’s The Uncertainty, Not The Delay, That Gets You In The End

Tim Harford |

'The problem, in essence, was not the travelling; it was the queueing and the waiting and, more than anything, the anxiously never knowing'

It would be helpful if some small fraction of the budget and attention devoted to high-speed rail links was diverted to relaxing and productive waiting rooms. (4 minute read)

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"Art is dead Dude" - The Rise Of The AI Artists Stirs Debate

Chris Vallance | BBC Tech

'The output of these AI systems is impressive, but they are built upon the output of flesh-and-blood creators - their AIs are trained on millions of human-made images'

Revolutions in art are nothing new, but this one, some think, may be terminal. (6 minute read)

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Think You Talk Too Much?

Amie M. Gordon | Psychology Today

'People have a reticence bias, incorrectly believing they should talk less in conversations with strangers to be better liked'

This is just one of our conversational biases—we also think people like us less and think about us less than they actually do. (3 minute read)

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Many People Not Only Survive Mental Illness – They Thrive

Jonathan Rottenberg | Psyche

'He felt regret as he plunged 240 feet into the waters below. Miraculously, Hines survived. His mental health has since improved, and he is now a prominent public speaker on suicide prevention, and the author of the book Cracked'

What are the chances that someone with a mental health problem will recover from these difficulties to live a happy life? (8 minute read)

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📺 Video: Is it possible to lose weight fast? | Ted-Ed | 5 Min

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🎙Podcast: Rolf Potts — The Vagabond’s Way | The Tim Ferriss Show | 1Hr 40Min

Tactics for Immersive Travel, Pilgrimages and Psychogeography, Empathy Machines, Full-Throated Love, The Slow Sense of Smell, Lessons from Thích Nhất Hạnh, Falling Upward, and More.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'By training yourself to start uncomfortable conversations, you liberate others to have the conversations they’ve desperately been wanting to have themselves. You could say this is largely what leadership is, the willingness to risk your own neck in a way that benefits others' - Mark Manson


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