Why Pessimism Sounds Smart

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Why Pessimism Sounds Smart

Jason Crawford | The Roots of Progress | 🤍

'Optimism often requires believing in unknown, unspecified future breakthroughs—which seems fanciful and naive. If you very soberly, wisely, prudently stick to the known and the proven, you will necessarily be pessimistic'

No proven resources or technologies can sustain economic growth. The status quo will plateau. (2 minute read)

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Reading Changes Your Brain, Let Me Explain.

Jack Close | jackclose.com | 🤍

'Through imaging the brain, this study showed that reading improves our ability to process visual and verbal information'

If you're anything like me, you'd like to read more. (4 minute read)

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What Makes Hate a Unique Emotion – And Why That Matters

Cristhian A Martínez | Psyche | 🤍

'When trying to understand prejudice, terrorism or genocide, people cannot help but think of hate as one of the primary causes'

There is much more to learn about this strong negative emotion, but we are developing a better sense of what, in fact, it means to feel hate. (7 minute read)

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“Because It’s More Convenient”

Seth Godin | Seth's Blog | 🤍

'One of the reasons our best work is important is that it’s also inconvenient'

As some people who actually care do inconvenient things, those things become normal, which, amazingly, makes them more convenient for everyone else. (1 minute read)

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The Climate Benefits of Veganism and Vegetarianism

Martha Henriques | BBC Future | 🤍

'With products from beef to beer now being sold bearing a "carbon neutral" label, how can you make sure what you're eating is genuinely sustainable?'

BBC Future tracked emissions from a vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous diet – and found some thought-provoking ways to lower emissions from our food. (18 minute read)

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📺 Video: The Dark Side of Electric Cars | Johnny Harris | 17 Min

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🎙Podcast: The case for a 4-day work week | Juliet Schor | Ted Talks Daily | 13 Min

The traditional approach to work needs a redesign, says economist Juliet Schor. She's leading four-day work week trials in countries like the US and Ireland, and the results so far have been overwhelmingly positive.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'Don't waste energy arguing with people who care more about 'winning' or offending you, than solving the problem' - Steven Bartlett