Work Life Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

Work Life Doesn’t Have To Be Like This
Photo by Ryoji Iwata / Unsplash

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Work Life Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

Kaitlin Byrd | Dame

'The managerial work of planning, coordinating, “disrupting,” and oversight can’t be done without the basics of life being met, and yet the workers who make it possible have been subjected to the most dire circumstances'

The pandemic allowed many of us to reassess our relationship to work—but can we actually afford to make the necessary changes? (5 minute read)

Talking About Money Is Taboo. You Should Break It.

Jonny Thomson | Big Think

'So, to ask someone how much they make in their job is akin to asking them what their social place is. If I earn more than you, I must be better than you'

Why should it be considered impolite to discuss something so important to our long-term well-being? (7 minute read)

The Brilliant Objects Embodying the Meeting of Disability and Design

Graham Pullin | The MIT Press Reader

'Might flesh-colored prostheses and miniaturized hearing aids send out tacit signals that impairment is something to hide?'

In praise of truly interdisciplinary thinking. (8 minute read)

World Risk Poll Sheds New Light on Resilience

Julie Ray | Gallup

'People's likelihood to help a stranger varied more by region than by income'

The poll asked nearly 126,000 people in 121 countries and territories about a range of factors that their capacity for resilience depends on. (4 minute read)

The Little-Known Story of the Women Who Stood Up to General Motors and Demanded Equal Pay

Martin J. Kernan | Smithsonian

'Time after time, St. John and the other women noticed a pattern: Men on the same shifts with similar jobs and less seniority, some of whom the women had trained, appeared to be making more'

In the 1930s, Florence St. John and her co-workers at an automotive plant won a hard-fought victory for fairness. (7 minute read)

📺 Video: What Stoicism Can Teach Us About Mental Health | Daily Stoic | 8 Min

🎙Podcast: Not Weak | Akimbo | 26 Min

Akimbo is a weekly podcast created by Seth Godin. He's the bestselling author of 20 books and a long-time entrepreneur, freelancer and teacher.

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🤔 Wisdom: 'No one cares. That happens rarely. Someone cares. That happens all the time, and it’s at the heart of our work. Everyone cares. Almost never. Someone is enough. In fact, someone is the entire point' – Seth Godin

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