You Are Already In The Metaverse

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You Are Already In The Metaverse

Jon Askonas | UnHerd

'While hardware challenges will greatly shape the metaverse, understanding them better does not convey how it will reshape society'

Alternative realities have conquered the public sphere. (6 minute read)

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The Great Regression

Matt Alt | Aeon

'The Great Regression isn’t really a regression at all. It’s a sign of resilience in the face of profound adversity. When a child is born, it’s impossible to predict what they might become'

Who can say what will emerge from our second childhoods? (16 minute read)

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Is This The End Of Work Friends?

Rob Litterst | The Hustle

'Data suggests workers with a “best friend” at work are more likely to stay at their job. Hybrid workers with a “best friend” at work dropped from 22% in 2019 to 17% in June'

It’s getting harder to make work friends, but workers don’t seem to care. (2 minute read)

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5 Rules To Build Your Version Of The Simple Life

Kevin Dickinson | Big Think

'Trying to live by every prescription would be madness, and individually, each ignores the many people for whom these values, customs, or traditions aren’t compatible with their desires and ambitions'

However, there is a framework that can help us build our version of the simple life. So, what qualities can we adopt to help make our lives, well, simple? (5 minute read)

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Tackling The Food Inflation Crisis

Stephanie Hegarty | BBC

'We have two grocery stores in our entire community of 22,000 people,' she says. 'It's a real food desert'

Everywhere people are having to adapt to the new circumstances, and sometimes this means changing what they eat. (7 minute read)

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📺 Video: What Is a Gig Economy? | TED-Ed | 6 Min

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🎙Podcast: Why the Upper Middle Class is Feeling the Economic Squeeze | Wall Street Journal | 12 Min

The Upper Middle Class Is Getting Squeezed. The first two years of the pandemic were good for the group’s savings and investments, but 2022 isn’t.

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🤔 Something to think about: 'You need far less than you thought to be happy. In fact, you need very little' - Mark Manson


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